PhoenixRC 5.00

Simulator for remote controlled airplanes
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Runtime Games Ltd
Fly over 150 unique remote control airplane models in a virtual environment. Enjoy the over 25 terrain options and the realistic physics in the game.

PhoenixRC is a wonderful simulation program that allows you to fly a great variety of models in multiple scenarios. The program combines realistic physics and astonishing graphics to make you feel that you are actually flying an aircraft. You have more than 100 models and lots of beautiful scenarios to choose from, to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. You have training and competition sessions to try and improve your aviation skills and you can even enjoy the online multiplayer mode, that will enable you to fly and learn from other players.

Unfortunately, the demo version does not allow you to do anything. The only thing you can do is select the quality level to support your system. You just can see simulations of different models in a great diversity of scenarios, but you cannot actually fly one of them. To change the simulations, you press the next button to see the following one.

In short, PhoenixRC demo doesn't show much of the great amount of good things this application seems to have. It would definitely be great if you could at least fly one of those models. Anyway, if you are a real fan of simulations, don´t hesitate to download the demo, because I´m sure you´re going to love it.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Astonishing graphics and realistic physics
  • Lots of models and scenarios to choose from
  • Excellent sound effects


  • Demo doesn't allow to do anything
  • Very expensive
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